Phd in astrology mumbai

Hattha Jodi. Kaal Sarp Yantra.

Kachua Meru. Kali Gunja. Lakshmi Kawadi. Lakshmi Vardhak Potli. Lal Gunja. More Choti. Nag Kesar. Navagrah Yantra. Parad Ganesh.

Parad Nandi. Parad Panchmukhi Hanuman. Parad Parvati.

Best Astrologers in Mumbai

Parad Shivling. Pitra Dosh Kawach. Rudraksha Mala. Bhaskaran Shri P. Santhanagopal Shri G. Forbes Shri Yogesh Kamdar Dr. Jani Shri K.

Phd in astrology mumbai

Munshi Marg, Chowpatty, Mumbai Phone: Fax : email: bhavanmumbaijyotishbharati gmail. T he ancient lore of India is unique, for many branches, its attempt was to probe the mysteries of life and death. Of its lore, the most amazing has been the science of Jyotisha, Astrology. T he lore is doubtless fascinating.

Education In Vedic Astrology (Lack of Education vs. Higher Education)

From very early days, I have taken interest in friends and astrologers trying their skill on the planetary chart of the heavens at the moment of my birth, for that is what a horoscope is. I have never closed my mind to the science. I n condemning astrology, we shut our face against a science, with a predetermined vision.

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  • Phd in astrology mumbai.
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If explored with patience, honesty and skill, it might perhaps break through the barrier which separates life from death, the present from the future; it might give an insight into man's endeavour and his ultimate destiny. Library : Collection of over rare books of Astrology ancient Vedic Books.


One can enroll and take their admission in our Jyotirvid Astrology course, already started on 6th Jan On taking the admission on or before 31st Jan , you can participate in our sky-Gazing program and have a unforgettable life time experience. Full night Program at sea Beach of Bordi on 2nd and 3rd Feb Classes are only on Sunday Chowpatty, Mumbai Contact Person.

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