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Sun, Jupiter, and Mars are categorized as masculine and moon and Venus comes in the gender as feminine. Mercury belongs to both classes. In the Twelve houses, the position of all the planets, The Sun and the moon is decisive at the time of birth.

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Saturn, Jupiter, and the sun are known as Day-stars and the moon, Mars, and Venus are known as night starts. Again, Mercury belongs to both categories. Jupiter and Venus are categorized as good planets.

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Saturn and Mars come in the Malignant category. Remaining The sun, the moon and Mercury have mixed character.

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A list of astrological conjunctions is attached. The right ascension is correct to within a couple of minutes.


Some of the declinations have reversed signs; this is a known bug however these are not used in conventional astrology. The position of Pluto will be off by a bit more than the other planets, but accurate to within a degree or two. The algorithm does not take into account interplanetary gravitational interactions; it uses the current orbital characteristics of each planet and interpolates from a known set of values.

Hence, the further back or forward in time you set the date to, the less accurate the positions will be; they will be more accurate the closer they are to 1 January Planetary Positions Today Check the planetary positions today , and every day, with our handy chart: Free Horoscopes by Astrodienst. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Footer Who Is Anne? Anne Nordhaus-Bike is a longtime professional astrologer and popular speaker. She's also an award-winning astrology journalist.

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