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Persons born during their cycle are said to take on their animal traits. You got the dates mixed up because the year of the snake was in and I know that because my sister was born that year and I was born in but im not a dragon the year of the snake is this year and its not is it???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the input. The dates we list are correct. Please note that Chinese Zodiac Signs are based on traditional Chinese calendar , not the western calendar.

Origin of Chinese Zodiac

To tell the sign, you have to tell from the actual year, month AND day. If someone was born between Jan.

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Since you were born in and is a snake, your birthday must be later than Feb. On or before that day of the same year, a dragon. Normally you need to convert the Western birthday to the Chinese calendar to tell the zodiac sign, but our Chinese Zodiac Sign finder converts the Western birthday directly to Chinese Zodiac Sign. Glad to know that.

How to Read Your Chinese Horoscope: 13 Steps (with Pictures)

I am confused to whether I an a ox or tiger. My birth date is So which am I? You are a Sheep. You are a monkey.

What's Your Chinese Zodiac Sign and Feng Shui Birth Element?

Hi, i do not know if it matters to you, but is the year of the dragon. Thanks for the comment Jordan.

Chinese zodiac sign is based on the traditional Chinese lunar calendar. The Chinese new year day of falls on On or after the Chinese new year day, its a dragon. It is commonly used during Chinese New Year. In China, the familiar Gregorian calendar is used for day-to-day life. But Chinese calendar dates continue to be used to mark traditional holidays such as the new year and the fall moon festival.

Chinese Zodiac

The Chinese calendar is a lunisolar calendar — in other words, a combination of solar and lunar calendars. It has a long history spanning several Chinese dynastic rules from as far back as the Shang Dynasty around the 14th century B. There are several different symbolic cycles within the calendar, used in Chinese astrology, that make it an intricate and complex measure of time.

A month in the Chinese calendar spans a single lunar cycle. The first day of the month begins during the new moon, when no sunlight falls on the lunar hemisphere that faces the Earth. A lunar cycle, on average, lasts Usually, there are 12 lunar months in a Chinese calendar year. In order to catch up with the solar calendar, which averages As a result, Chinese New Year falls on different dates each year in the Gregorian calendar between January 21 and February Happy new Year of the Pig from EarthSky!

Image via YouTube. Pig is the twelfth in the year cycle of Chinese zodiac signs. The Years of the Pig include , , , , , , , , , , …. Pig is not thought to be a smart animal in China. It likes sleeping and eating and becomes fat. Thus it usually features laziness and clumsiness. On the positive side, it behaves itself, has no plan to harm others, and can bring affluence to people.

Consequently, it has been regarded as wealth. Image via BCody80 via Wikimedia Commons. Chinese New Year celebrations traditionally last 15 days, from the first day during a new moon to the 15th day next full moon. Each day holds a special significance that varies according to local traditions. But first, before the arrival of the new year, homes are thoroughly cleaned to sweep away ill fortune and to welcome good luck.

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The celebration culminates on the 15th day with the Lantern Festival; on this night of the full moon, families mingle in the streets carrying lighted lanterns, often creating a beautiful light display. Image via Philo Vivero via Wikimedia Commons. There are several variations on the mythology behind Chinese New Year celebrations.