21 march leo horoscope

Children, young people, the next generation. If you are a parent then your relationship with your child ren will benefit from Jupiter in here. You may also embrace new ideas around parenting as Jupiter rules higher education and philosophy. Some of you may decide to become parents under this cycle. A word of caution as Jupiter always expands — if the patter of tiny feet is not for you right now then take extra precautions to ensure this does not happen! Even if you are not a parent or desire to be one, expect children, those younger than you to play a role in the good times for you in Or perhaps this is just about giving your inner child permission to create, have fun and play?

We cannot talk about your 5th without talking about love and romance.

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Looking for someone who will love you just the way you are? They will most probably be laid-back, well-travelled and effortlessly funny and sexy in equal measure. Like you, they have a generous nature when it comes to those they love. This is also a cycle of creativity where ideas burst forth like stars. Express yourself to impress. Especially when it comes to career matters.

The year begins with ruler the Sun conjunct Saturn which rules your career sector in your house of work.

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You also have a partial solar eclipse happening in here on Jan 6. I had a great deal to say about eclipses in the forecast for your Cancer neighbours. The reason being of course that eclipses involve both the Sun and the Moon and Cancer is Moon-ruled.

So, your 1st and 7th houses were affected and this would have been about personal relationships, partnerships and you and another be it a romantic, business, collaborative or deep friendship or even that opponent. What we see as the New Year begins is one final eclipse take place in your 1st house on Jan 21 which will be a total eclipse of the full Moon.

This is also a supermoon. Remember, eclipses conceal and then reveal. This is all about a deep emotional connection and a release to come. The first of which as I said, occurs on 6 Jan. The eclipse in your 6th at the start of the year could be setting you up for bigger work and career changes to come. You only had a short time to grasp what this may mean before it turned retrograde and headed back into your 9th again. On March 6 it re-enters your 10th where it will remain for the next seven years.

Time to look not just at what you are you alone have to offer in the professional sphere, but also to assess whether the path you are on is the right one for you. Uranus awakens us. In this instance, you could be awakened to all the possibilities that are available to you when it comes to career choices. Or perhaps just to your own awesome potential. Do not undersell yourself now or more importantly, underestimate yourself.

Leo Health & Wellness Horoscope

This may come about in a totally unexpected way. The opportunity to work with visionary or even influential people or an organisation could offer you the freedom you seek. Uranus in your 10th enables you to generate unique ideas and solutions which you can put to hands-on, practical use. You have never experienced Uranus in this sector of your chart before and never will again in this lifetime.

But what I can promise you is that at some point over the next seven years your career path will radically alter and become far more creative, satisfying and ultimately rewarding for you if you are open to experimenting and above all, allowing your inner visionary to take the lead! Keep both eyes open and above all, an open mind during and just after your birthday cycle this year. The new Moon in your 1st on Aug 1 marks the start of your new cycle no matter what date your birthday falls on.

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But as the Sun enters your 2nd of money and values it will make its first trine to Uranus from here beaming across something value-adding into your life. You also have a massive stellium forming in this house which could set off a cascade effect with Uranus and Jupiter bringing you real, material, tangible benefits.

In a nutshell: Love invites you to create and come out and play in , Leo! Leo is a passionate fire sign ruled by the Sun. You are the most charismatic sign of the Zodiac. Warm and generous people love to be in your presence. Your soul lesson is to transform your pride into a strength and let kindness be your super power.

Check out my video for more.

Daily Horoscope Leo - 21, Mar 2017

Each sign has planets which help or hinder when it comes to attracting money into your lives. Discover the power of your money planets. You are the only sign with the Sun as your ruler and this applies to you whether you have a Leo birthday or Leo ascendant. The Sun is the giver of light and of life — and therefore the giver of all things.

This is why the Sun was worshipped across all ancient cultures. If […]. Michele lets you in on the essential soul hacks for love success.


Leo Daily Horoscope

Your North Node points the way to your Soul Mate. Astro Karma — LEO Your birthchart is a karmic blueprint of the moment your soul incarnated into this lifetime. Entertainment SP www. Terms and conditions. Customer service enquiries: As comes to a close, make sure to stop and smell the roses, Cancer. It has been a year of finding happiness in the little things, so don't let December be any different.

Take a moment to sip your favorite coffee. Put your feet up and listen to your favorite song.

Daily Horoscopes: March 21, 12222

Go for a perfect walk in the park, and marvel at how the most simple things in life can bring us the most joy. To celebrate the end of , the universe would like to formally invite you to let your hair down and have a good time. It's been a year of joy—embracing your inner child, dancing like no one's watching, and remembering just how creative you are. Who said fun can't be a part of an adult's vocabulary? Stay present, find opportunities to let loose, and make sure to squeeze every last drop of joy out of December.

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Aug Sept Let end quietly and peacefully, Virgo. It's been a year of creating your new definition of home, helping you discover what makes you feel comfortable and cozy in this chaotic world. So draw upon some of that comfort this month. Light a candle. Make a warm and nostalgic meal. Play your favorite rom-com on repeat. There's no need to rush through December, take care of yourself and settle into your sense of safety. Speak louder and prouder this December, Libra. Use this month to exercise that new confidence and strength in your words. Say the truth, with your natural kindness and empathy, no matter how others may respond.

So long as you lead with balance and justice, you know your words of wisdom will be absorbed and transformed throughout You are wrapping up a year of self-worth.