February 14 2020 birthday astrology libra

The focus is in Scorpio signalling new beginnings related to personal finances, property and basic resources.

Saturn has transited into Scorpio and is now in mutual reception with Pluto which harmonizes their forces to a degree. Progress is likely to come in short, surprising hops across the board of life.

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Venus will be in Capricorn from November 5th — March 6th bringing support through family, neighbourhood and your place on the map. Mars enters Libra, on December 8th to stay until July 25th Mars will stay in your sign until July So a lot more hustle and bustle around you and for some a love relationship could really start to heat up. An extraordinarily long transit dynamically activating your energy and vitality.

Libra 12222 horoscope

Looks like you are going to be very busy and somewhat in demand over this prolonged transit. The Libra star sign predictions foretell that you can make a great deal of progress during this phase and have quite an impact on others. You will be ready to step up to the plate, be more decisive to be a self-starter in some way.

You will work hard now getting things more the way you want them to be on many levels. Jupiter entered Gemini on June 11, where it will stay for approximately a year. It will move to Cancer on June 25th and stay until July 16, when it enters Leo. Until June Jupiter will be working happily out of his own house — the ninth. The forecast for Libra suggest that there should be more opportunities for travel, foreign connections, wider communications through the spoken or written word, another language or academia.

Also education, so being the teacher or student or the disseminator of information, the advisor, or guide is more likely. A great vibration for broadcasting on to a grander stage, but also for getting involved in publishing, politics, the law or communications media.

Daily Horoscope for Today and Tomorrow

The yearly predictions for the Libra points out that your awareness and knowledge base will certainly grow during this expansive period. From June 25th Jupiter is in your area of career and overall life direction, meaning more doors swinging open, but not all will be leading to the road you want to travel and you could be puzzling over which is the best way to go. Romantic liaisons, travel, foreign links, higher education or connecting with those at a distance could be a part of the picture. The astrology Libra foretells that Virgos born until 10th Sept or up to 18 degrees Virgo rising should feel this vibration the most.

All natives of Libra will benefit from the influence of Jupiter this year, the first half of the year is more favourable.

2020 Horoscope sign by sign:

Saturn entered Scorpio on Oct 5, It starts at 9 Scorpio and ends the year at 20 Scorpio. Saturn moved out of your sign on the 6th October marking the beginning of a more materialistic cycle during which, at times, you will meet challenges related to the material side of life.

see url This thrill-seeking lifestyle comes with extreme highs Make sure to check in with yourself and find a good balance to maintain happiness. At your best: Exciting, popular, courageous At your worst: Dangerous, addictive, depressed. The way conversations evolve today could be swirly and serpentine rather than straightforward. In fact, there may be some backtracking necessary while the… Continue. Watching how a conversation evolves will be fascinating today, especially if you've been waiting to talk with someone you love for a while.

The romantic… Continue. Libra, it might be your birthday, but you're probably more concerned with making sure your guests are having more fun at your celebration than you.

Horoscope pisces career 12222

After all, you're the relationship sign of the zodiac and this tends to put you in the constant mindset of thinking about someone else before yourself. Social, diplomatic, charming and attractive, you are usually quite popular and will likely spend your birthday surrounded by loved ones.

In fact, if you're not socially engaged with others, you tend to feel flat -- almost as if you have no purpose. Life is definitely more colorful for you when it includes partnership. A lover of beauty and harmony, you may enjoy creative pursuits and might have a special talent in the art or beauty industry. You've got a natural sense of style and balance which adds to your allure.

You're also a master collaborator and have what seems like a sixth sense when it comes to matching others for work projects or personal connections. When there's a social function, you tend to be the one mingling to ensure everyone is comfortable and having a good time -- even if it's not your party!

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