Cancer january 14 weekly horoscope

Errands, casual contacts, paperwork, travel and communications fill Sun. Be wary before Mon. A sudden attraction, a hidden but about-to-erupt animosity — either possible Sun. But Mon.

Nudge yourself toward home, family, security Wed. Everything here will flow with splendid ease. Hug the kids, start a project garden, education fund, etc. Romance, beauty, pleasure and self-expression lift you — at least at first. The accent remains on ambitions, career prospects, interfacing with higher-ups bosses, parents, judges, etc.

Operating independently is a mistake. Until November 18, higher-ups will be impatient and temperamental; but the same influence can expand your work and responsibilities — one step toward a promotion. This night to Wed. Sunday night could bring an exciting meeting, or a revelation about love esp. Errands, paperwork, communications and short trips arise Wed. This wee interval is fortunate, all flows well — but avoid gossip and being the subject of it. Home, family, security and sleep arrive Fri.

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Sink into rejuvenating rest, naps. You might have to choose between ambitions and security. Unexpected meetings Saturday can spark either enmity or attraction — but neither will favour you in future, so let any Saturday interactions be light, non-committal. You face a mellow, intellectual, idealistic few weeks, Aquarius. Sunday finds you tired, un-charismatic. Go slow, demand little. But realize you face rebellious, disruptive conditions Sunday night to Monday afternoon. Drive, speak, challenge others carefully — think first!

But Monday pm to Wed. Chase money and seek bargains Wed. Good luck rides with you, so send out bills, pay bills, haunt garage sales or whatever. But group affairs interfere, so work alone. Errands, paperwork, travel, communications and contacts fill Fri. Go slow, look both ways before stepping off the sidewalk. Saturday, an unexpected meeting or reaction can trigger anger — or a sudden career or domestic opportunity. Unfortunately, all this stands under a cloud of future problems. Let this time pass. That includes the burn of STDs. But strong opportunities exist, too, esp.

This influence lasts to mid-November. Sunday daytime imbues you with hope and social urges. But retreat this night to Wed. Your energy and charisma return strongly Wed. You might get a career or business boost. Be ambitious! Handle money with caution Friday night, Saturday. Actually, two such meetings can occur. Be wary of forming a deep bond, promises, wishful thinking, and the input of friends. Make no practical commitments. I ignored her chances before, because the DNC deep-sixed her.

She has the personality — does she have the organization and funding?

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Will they lose the second one, too? Hit Counter provided by orange county property management. Be the bigger person, Taurus. Continue to put in the work without adding to the commotion. To think that the body and soul are separate is one of the biggest crimes you can commit against yourself.

If you let somebody into your space, you are bound to get attached. There is a silver lining too. The only thing is, it may take you a while until you discover it. Delays are not denials.


The rewards you truly deserve will come your way eventually. For now, continue to put in the hard work. When was the last time you brewed a cup of ginger tea and simply watched the world go by? On the upside, a wedding or celebration on the family front will have you in good spirits. Oh ye, wise one!

Your Horoscope This Week

Continue to be the voice of the truth, Cancer. Remember, you are always being guided by something higher. The real challenge, however, is to learn to apply this wisdom to your life. When in doubt, never look outside. The Universe sends you a partner who knows how to treat you right.


Endings are just beginnings in disguise. Let the Universe do you a favour and take away the things that have served their purpose in your existence.


Remember, holding onto anything that is past its expiration date will have repercussions—and yes, that includes relationships. Some of you are likely to have an unpleasant awakening on that front. In your darkest hour, let trust be your magic word. Duality is a way of life, Virgo.


The question is: can you accept the ebb like you do the flow? Emotional ups and downs are likely to be a constant this week. Tap into your Buddha nature. An unpleasant truth could also come to light. The pain is worse when the deception has been caused by somebody you love. Self-preservation mode, sister. What is that one thing you promised to leave in , but dragged into the new year anyway? Last and final call, Libra.

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  5. What are your true intentions, and how are you letting them speak through you? How do you see them reflected back to you in the faces of the people you meet? How are they guiding your movement through a messy, unmapped world? You can still change direction, and all it takes is some determination. You can change how you spend your days, and all it takes is your time and your care. This week, slow down if you can.

    Pay attention to what your body is telling you. But this is a week for weaving yourself back together again. The world holds connections and contradictions that can still surprise you. There are so many ways to live with love. Still, this week, you might feel softness in yourself.